Ask your MP to welcome wind power

With our windy weather, people across the UK should be able to power their homes with clean, locally-produced electricity. But the government is worried that people don’t like onshore wind, so they’re holding new projects back - and keeping energy bills up.*

To unlock the clean energy we need, it’s time to show our MPs that we welcome local wind projects to support our communities and our climate.

Do you have two minutes to tell your MP you’d welcome wind, and ask them to join us? It takes just two clicks to email your MP about wind and all you need is your postcode. We've created a template email for you to use, but if you have time please add in your own comments too. 

If you click 'no' we won't be able to send you urgent updates from our campaigns to tackle the climate crisis, and the steps we all need to take together. Click 'yes' to stay looped in.

* Want to know more about the blocks on onshore wind? See this page of our website.