Tell your MP that you back the frequent flyer levy

Flying is a serious climate problem, and there’s no technological solution that can scale up fast enough. The fairest and most popular way to cut emissions from air travel is to bring in a new way of taxing flights where the more someone flies, the more they pay.* 

We’ve put together a letter for MPs to sign to tell the government it’s time for the frequent flyer levy. For MPs to get onboard, they need to know their constituents are behind them.

Will you tell your MP that you support the frequent flyer levy, and ask them to do the same? We've created a template email for you to use, but if you have time please add in your own comments too. 

If you click 'no' we won't be able to send you urgent updates from our campaigns to tackle the climate crisis, and the steps we all need to take together. Click 'yes' to stay looped in.

* Want to know more about the frequent flyer levy? See this page of our website.