Ask your councillors to support parklets

Parklets help communities redesign their streets and create more space for rest, socialising, play, and plants. But so far, only one council in the UK has a simple process for residents to suggest places to put new parklets, and make them a reality. Can you help change this?

We want to help people reimagine their streets as places free from the harms of car dominance. Parklets (which are essentially old parking spaces that have been transformed into something for people to enjoy)* are a great way to do this by giving space back to people and nature.

We are calling on local authorities to create a simple process which allows local communities and residents to come together and create parklets.

Will you write to your councillors, and ask them to create a parklet process for your city?

Once you've filled in your details and hit 'Next', you'll see a template email that you can personalise for your councillor.


*Want to find out more about Parklets? See