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Tell your MP: Cheap, clean home heating is possible - but it needs the government to act. 

The government just announced plans to support new gas power stations! This is completely unnecessary, and would be really harmful for the climate - and our energy bills.

Powering heat pumps with local wind and solar would reduce the climate impact of our heating by up to 90%, and help tackle fuel poverty. Yet the current setup forces households to rely on expensive, dirty gas from fossil fuel giants. 

By shifting its energy policies, the government could help end our dependence on gas, slash carbon emissions, and cut heating bills by almost a third. 

Will you send our report to your MP and ask them to take action for cleaner, cheaper home heating?

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*Our new report with energy experts Regen shows that the UK has the natural ingredients to heat British homes in a way that is more reliable and significantly cheaper than using gas boilers. Learn more about this report and what we’re calling for at wearepossible.org/our-reports/wind-powered-heat.